Toilet and Flush Repair

The moment everyone dreads – the WC is on the blink – fear not, help is at hand!

It can indeed seem like a worrying time when you can no longer use your toilet as this will be a household emergency for the average user of a toilet.

We are experts when it comes to the repair of toilets and we generally carry in most parts to fix a toilet on the first visit and 97% of jobs involving toilets are completed within 1 hour so you can call us now and have your toilet up and running in a flash or as some Might Say in a flush.

You’re probably thinking that it is very difficult for us to complete the job in such a short space of time however we fix toilets every single day so it is very easy for us to do a toilet repair and we carry many different spare parts for the toilets so we are able to complete most jobs on the first visit which saves everybody time and saves you money.

Don’t go with a substandard plumber who will not arrive with the correct flush parts mechanisms etc make sure you contact us because we Are the One Stop Shop when it comes to fast toilet repair so get your flush buttons and flush mechanisms fill valve and toilet leaks sorted now.

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