Infamous plunger 

We are not just an emergency local plumbers. We also are specialists in all smaller day to day tasks. These task include menial repairs to sinks, radiators and toilets etc.

To prevent big problems occurring. We’re also very aware that many people try to repair small tasks by themselves without the use of a specialist Plumber.

Although we of course recommend to call us for any issue to ensure that it is done correctly, we also like to advise the public on at least using the correct tools for the job should they need to do it alone.

An infamous plunger is an extremely common tool. It is used by many. The plunger is useful for any home clogging issues. Use this at the first signs of trouble.

Flat surface, useful for the cup plunger.

In that way you could prevent further blockage. A blockage could cause damage to your home. There are 3 main types of plunger which exist so it is important to ensure that you are using the correct type.

The Cup plunger, is the most common and is the one you are used to seeing in cartoons when you were younger.

It is perfect for most needs as long as you have a flat surface which you can work with such as a shower drain.

Toilet issues

If you have an issue regarding a toilet, it’s much more useful to get a specific type such as the one with the obvious nozzle.

This will allow you to create a better seal. That way you have to work less hard. Accordion plungers look quite similar to the gear stick in a car.

They are useful for small, tighter clogs such as tight drains and often will do a better job in this scenario then the standard Cup plunger.

Another small tool which cannot help incredibly with the prevention of problems Is a new washer or seal.

Very often, the seals are the things that erode 1st in older pipes and led to many small leaks which caused a lot of damage in homes and businesses.

They are extremely easy to find and very cheap to buy however, it is extremely hard to find the exact type that you need for your pipes without knowledge.

It is therefore recommended that you go to professionals such as plumber for any job no matter how small, to prevent damage.

Winter Prevention

it is very wise if during the winter months you are aware that pipes can freeze so make sure that you are ready to do the necessary plumbing preparation.

There are many incidents when people call us to say that they have frozen pipes so has professional plumbers what we need to do is go around and solve the problems caused by the first which occur due to the frozen pipes.

During winter what you can do is make sure that you have all of your pipes prepared offered call lagged which means they are covered in an insulation material so that the pipes do not freeze.

perhaps you also need to consider when you go away in winter about the pipes in your house so what you can do in order to make sure that your plumbing system does not freeze over it’s leave your central heating system on a low temperature and this will mean that none of the pipes will be able to freeze.

note that during winter plumbers are in heavy Demand so what you need to do is make sure that you have one of your plumbing completed during summer months so corner to plumber when they are less busy otherwise you will find that come winter all of them are busy fixing leaks and burst pipes and central heating systems and it will be very difficult to find a plumber.

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