Plumber for Bathroom and Kitchen Taps

One aspect of plumbing that people really think about is changing the new bathroom and kitchen taps.

The problem with modern taps is that they are quite prone to say you and particularly the mixer tap if it is one of the cheaper mixer taps available because they are not really designed to last forever so at some point may require a service or a change of tap.


Kitchen taps or bathroom tap follow the same principles so you either have a hot and a cold tub or you have a mixer tap which mixes the water inside the tab before giving you the water at the desired temperature.

If you have an individual cold or hot tap then it can be quite easy to fix this for a plumber as very often we are able to change some of the internal parts of the tap and this will make your old tap work like new and keep going for many years to come.

However if you have a more modern style mixer tap then there is a cartridge within the tap which controls the mixing of the temperature using a temperature valve and this can often require some attention when the tap stopped mixing the water or sometimes the water stops coming out altogether.

If this happens then you’ll have a couple of options firstly you can try to contact the manufacturer of the tap and see if they can send you a repair kit however this is not always an easy option because you do not know who the manufacturer of the tap is.

There are some companies on the website as who are able to help you identify the type of tap, and the replacement parts that would be needed in order to repair your tap, which can often be quite useful, particularly if the tap is off the more expensive nature, and you do not want to change the whole tap then this can be a cheaper option.

By the way when you call us we will talk you through the process and provide you with the best option so that you can have all of your tabs working correctly.


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